Women's Artistic Gymnastics Shorthand Symbols

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General coaching concepts
  1. Introducing the back walkover

    Always full of great resources, this Swing Big page highlights four progressions for introducing backwalkovers to your beginner gymnasts.

  2. Progressions for front giants

    UCLAGymnastCrossing share a "Bars Boot Camp" with a focus on introducing gymnasts to basic front giant/reverse grips progressions.

  3. Bookmark this page for quick access to scores of references of material for coaches - the best magazine archives, best YouTube channels and more!

Judges' corner
  1. This little guide explains the basic ideas behind the symbols and will give you a leg up on learning the full table for floor exercise. We focus here on tumbling, and will cover turns and leaps in Part 2. Knowing these fundamentals will also make learning symbols for beam and bars easier later on.

  2. gymnastics code of points 2017

    The Women's Technical Committee has released a draft of proposed changes for the 2017-2020 code. Notably, the special requirement grading dismounts by value on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise has been scrapped.

  3. The Women's Technical Committe has released its report covering the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow.