Balance Beam

Quick guide to balance beam requirements

Apparatus norms:
Length 5 metres
Width 10 centimetres
Height above floor 125 centimetres

Balance beam measurements

Composition requirements:

  • One connection of at least two different dance elements. One must be a leap, jump or hop with 180° split (cross or side), or straddle position – award 0.50 points
  • Turn from group 3 – award 0.50 points
  • One acro series, with a minimum of two fight elements, one of which must be a salto – award 0.50 points
  • Acro elements in different directions (forward/sidewrds and backwards) – award 0.50 points
  • Dismount - No dismount or A or B dismount – award 0.0 points, for C-dismount – award 0.30 points, for D or higher dismount – award 0.50 points.

Connection Values:
Acrobatic connections for 0.10 points
C/D + D (or more)
(non-rebounding forward only)
C + C
B + E

Acrobatic connection for 0.20 points
C/D + D (or more)
B + D (forward only)
B + F

Connections of three or more acro elements receive 0.10 "series bonus" starting from B + B + C (in any order). These connections are awarded on top of the above formulas and may repeat a skill for the series bonus.

Table of elements:

Balance Beam. Group 1 - Mounts

Balance Beam. Group 2 — Gymnastic Leaps, Jumps and Hops

Balance Beam. Group 3 — Gymnastic Turns

Balance Beam. Group 4 — Holds and Acrobatic Non-Flight

Balance Beam. Group 5 — Acrobatic Flight

Balance Beam. Group 6 — Dismounts