Uneven Bars

uneven bars close up

Apparatus norms:

Rail diameter 4 cm
Rail length 240 cm

Height of the upper edge of the bars in inner diagonal position 180 cm
upper bar (to the floor) 250 cm
lower bar (to the floor) 170 cm

Inner diagonal distance (see drawing) between the 2 bars adjustable from minimum 130 to maximum 180 cm

Scematic of uneven bars measurements

Composition requirements:

  • Flight element from HB to LB (0,50 points)
  • Flight element on the same bar (0,50 points)
  • Different grips (excluding mount and dismount) (0,50 points)
  • Non-fight element with minimum 360° turn (excluding mount) (0,50 points)
  • Dismount - no dismount, or A or B dismount (0,00 points), C dismount (0,30 points), D or higher dismount (0,50)

Connection values:

  • D + D or more (0,10 points)
  • D (flight - same bar or LB to HB + C or more - on HB and must be performed in this order (0,20 points)
  • D + E both flight elements (0,20 points)

Table of Elements: