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The home window opens when you open the Gymsymbol application. In the default view, as the cursor passes over a symbol you will see the description in the language selected in the lower left. To change the apparatus and filter skills, use the buttons at the top. Clicking on a skill will open a window with more detail:

Detail window

You can filter the skills shown using the "Advanced" button in the upper left group of buttons. This will allow you to filter the skills by group, value, text and gymnast. For example, you can choose to view all D and higher jumps, hops, and leaps on floor.

Note: any skill recognised for a particular gymnast will use the formula "Gymnast's name (country)" where the IOC country code is enclosed in parentheses. So, entering "(ROU)" will show you all skills named for Romanian gymnasts. If you only type "(" you will see all the skills named for any gymnast.

Besides the default view, the skills can be viewed in a table view or by row as listed in the Table of Elements. Use the buttons at the bottom of the main window to change the view.

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From the main window, you can access the Gymsymbol quizzes. Do this by pressing the "Quiz" button in the upper right hand corner or by typing the keyboard short-cut "0" (zero). either of these methods will bring up the Quiz dialog box where you can select and begin a type of quiz.

There are four types of quizzes selectable in the drop-down menu of the quiz dialogue box:

Symbol > DV
Symbol > Text
Text > DV and
Text > Symbol.

While the quiz dialogue box is visible, these quizzes can be selected with the key-board short-cuts "1", "2", "3" and "4".

Once the quiz has loaded, it is ready to begin.

You will be quizzed on the same skills as those visible in the Home screen when you choose a quiz.

Simply choose the correct answer by pressing the matching button. You may either click the corresponding button or use keyboard short-cuts.

For the Symbol-to-DV and Text-to-DV quizzes, type "a", "b", "c"... etc.

For the Symbol-to-text quiz, type "1", "2", "3" or "4".

For the Text-to-symbol quiz, type "s" to select the upper-left symbol, "x" to choose the lower left symbol and "l" or "," to select the upper and lower right symbols.

Wgymsymbol application women's gymnastics shorthand quizhile taking the Symbol-to-DV and Text-to-DV quizzes, you can hold down the "option" key for a hint. When taking the Symbol-to-DV quiz, this will show the text that matches the symbol. When taking the Text-to-DV quiz, this will show the symbol that matches the text.

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To play a game, hold down the "Option" key and click the "Games" button in the upper right hand corner of the home window. When the option key is not held down, this button is labelled "Quiz".

-- Simple match. There are 4 each of 10 skills on the table for a total of 40 cards. Match any two to clear a match.

-- Elite match. The are just two of 20 skills on the table. Pair them to clear a match.

-- DV Match. There are 20 skills on the table and 20 cards showing a difficulty value. Match a skill to any card with the corresponding DV to clear a pair.

Hovering the cursor over any face-up card with a symbol on it will show the text of the element in the current selected language.

Change the type of card game with the drop-down menu in the bottom left. Rest the game or close the window with the buttons on the lower right of the window.

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Use the Clipboard window to copy symbols to insert into other applications, for example to send by e-mail. Access the clipboard using the menu item "File -> Open Clipboard" or the keyboard shortcut "Shift+Command+C".

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