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Over 840 symbols covering all four apparatus

From the handspring vault all the way to the Jade Carey's triple-twisting double layout and beyond, Gymsymbol has the skill you're looking for. Judges will love the supplementary symbols available in the font.



  • Balance Beam skills
  • Gymsymbol symbols with text
  • Gymsymbol quiz
  • Double Pike

Browse the library and discover skills you can use in your gymnasts' routines. Look up that vault start value when your gymnasts ask what it's worth with an extra twist ;)


It's easy to find a skill you are looking for. Just select the group and values as you narrow down the results.


The app offers different quizzes to test your knowledge. Choose to see a symbol and choose the correct value or see a description and choose the matching symbol.


Use Gymsymbol to improve your judging skills. Gymsymbol is found on the phones of many of the world's best judges at international competitions.

Professional Design

Carefully designed with input from expert judges, Gymsymbol allows a wide variety of skill representations.

Timely Updates

As the sport grows with gymnasts adding new skills, Gymsymbol is updated to reflect these innovations.

Friendly Support

We are always open to suggestions for improvements. Contact us anytime and receive a quick response.

This is the app you need if you are studying to become an advanced gymnastics judge. It has made learning the symbols and their values so much easier.

Shelly, Australia.

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