Running for Vaulting - Tony Retrosi

Creating speed in a controlled way is an important element for great vaulting. Here Tony Retrosi talks about how he does that with his gymnasts.

The Back Drop on Trampoline

The complete training on the back drop on trampoline! Technical analysis and drills for effectively teaching this skill on the trampoline.

Iron Cross Training - Hideo Mizoguchi

The Iron Cross is the most recognizable skill in mens gymnastics. Here Hideo (Mizo) Mizoguchi shows one of the ways gymnasts train this amazing strength skill.

La rondade au sol : Présentation de la formation vidéo en ligne GymneoTV

Vidéo de présentation de la formation en ligne GymneoTV sur la rondade au sol. L'intégralité de la formation, d'une durée de 2h15 et composée de 7 vidéos est disponible sur le site

Sissy Squats for Knee Strength - George Hery

Gymnastics is very demanding on your legs and knees. Here George Hery gives a simple drill to strengthen your knees and legs. It's pretty good for your core too!

Sever's Disease Treatment for Gymnasts

Sever's Disease can be very intense for young gymnasts. This video shows easy to do at home stretching and massage to combat this intense issue. We use this same treatment every day to provide relief to gymnasts and you should try it…

Arched Handstand Position - Acrobatic Gymnastics - Brandi Lewis

Acrobatic gymnastics is a difficult and beautiful sport. Here Brandi Lewis from WOGA shows the proper arched handstand position for a top on handstand blocks.

How Much Artistic Gymnastics Coaches Know About Their Gymnasts Motivation [PDF]

The purpose of this study was to analyze the Brazilian coaches’ perceptions of their athletes’ motivation and how they deal with this issue. Results revealed that Artistic Gymnastics training seems to highly demand gymnasts’ motivation…

Beginning Trampoline Part 3 (Al Fong of GAGE)

Part 3 of 4 of a Beginning Trampoline Clinic given by Al Fong of GAGE at a recent Region 4 Training camp. (Fall 2011) In Part 3 Al moves on to incorporate turning/twisting ideas into the basic trampoline skills learned in Part 1.

Weiler Kip Example

This video showing Abbie Pearson is a good example of a Wieler kip which you can use to show your gymnasts who are learning this reverse grip D skill.

Weiler Kip
Trampoline Drill for Bars - Tony Retrosi

The shoot over with 1/2 twist on uneven bars is a very common skill for competitive bar routines. Here Tony Retrosi shows a trampoline drill to help with the air awareness portion of the skill.

Backward Giant and Forward Swing

The complete training on the backward giant on the uneven bars. From the swing to the backward giant, all the steps to teach this skill.

Giant circle
Tkachev Drills by Tammy and Sorin Salcianu

Train these drills under certified supervision and ..."Then just continue drills until you catch"

Legs exercises at home from France

This 27 minute video from rhythmic gymnast Lily Ramonaxto covers a wide range of excellent leg exercises gymnasts can perform at home. Follow along as Lily explains demonstrates her drills.

Assessment Of Gymnastic Skills At Physical Education – The Case Of Backward Roll [PDF]

Article presents a model of the assessment of gymnastics skill. The presented task, backward roll, includes descriptions of movement, test criteria with a measurement scale and a description of standards based on the number and type of…

Cast Handstand - Tony Retrosi

Tony Retrosi shows several drills he uses at Atlantic Gymnastics to master a cast handstand on bars.

Cast to handstand
New York City Ballet Workout

This video features dancers demonstrating exercises, in a fitness programme once used by the New York Ballet Company. Gymnastics coaches will find many exercises here that can be applied to our sport as well.

Warm-up ahead of tumbling

The five-minute video gives a good overview of several exercises and drills that can be used in warm-up assignment ahead of your tumbling block.

Artistic Hands for Gymnastics - Donna Culp

Dance presentation sells a floor routine. Here is a quick tip on how to improve your hands from Donna Culp.

The Clear Hip Circle To Handstand

The complete training on the clear hip circle to handstand. All the secrets you need to teach your gymnasts the free hip circle to handstand!

Clear hip circle
Apprentissage du Jaeger (partie 3/4)

GymneoLive #010 : Premières séances d’apprentissage sur le Jaeger . Thème de la séance : Premiers exercices d’apprentissage (Travail au sol et aux sangles) .

A Progression for Teaching the Stalder Handstand

The key here is the technique of the entry into the skill, author John Wojtczuk writes, what has been called a "late drop." There was also a study by Gord Osbourne (University of Alberta) in Canada that compared the two techniques on…Stalder

Leaping Higher - Tammy Biggs

A gymnastic tip from Tammy Biggs to help gymnasts improve their leaps.

Moy Bail on Parallel Bars - Scott Burns

The Moy on Parallel Bars is a fairly common skill used in competitive gymnastics, Here Scott Burns show how to learn this skill.